Virtual Venue

Introducing Wonder - Our Virtual Symposium Venue

Wonder is the platform we’ll be using to host the online symposium on Saturday, November 21. We chose wonder for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • it allows a mix between broadcasting (aka people off the stage listen to people on the stage)
  • it allows group chats up to 15 people and easy switching between groups (in wonder called circles)
  • it’s registered in Germany and does not require a VPN by people in Iran (we have tested it)
  • the performance is great

For further information on wonder, please have a look at their website and their privacy policy.

Check out this 8-minute demo of wonder, back in the day when it was still called yotribe.

How to join the symposium

Once we confirmed your registration, you are on our guest list. The link to our wonder room will be sent on November 21, around 30 minutes prior to the pre-event.

Please note:

  1. Wonder does not run on mobile devices. It only allows a preview mode, but no interaction or watching the panels.
  2. Wonder only fully works on firefox and chrome.
  3. When entering, you will be asked to enable your camera and microphone. Please allow that for the full experience, you can always switch on and off your camera and mute yourself.

How do I leave a room or end my session completely?

To end your session completely, close the tab in your browser or click on “Leave” in the bottom left corner.

FAQ and technical questions

Which device and browser should I use for the conference?

Wonder works on your browser, no need to download anything. Wonder only fully works in Chrome and Firefox and not on mobile devices.

How can I make the best use of my connection?

With many people in lock down, or without access to high speed internet, we understand you’ll need to make the most of the connection you have available. Here are a few recommendations to help you do this:

  • Ask family members or roommates if they could reduce internet usage during the symposium.
  • Find the spot your connection is the strongest and nest there for the day — use the cable, sit close to the router — whatever works.
  • Close any tabs that you don’t need (a shout-out to OneTab, an Add-On that regularly saves our lives) and temporarily disable synchronization if not needed. If possible, limit your connection to wonder.
  • If your connection is slow, switching off your camera may help.

What happens if I have technical issues on the day?

  • Start by refreshing your browser tab — F5 on PCs or Command + R on Macs.
  • Still having problems? Use the group chat to seek technical support or hover over the helpdesk area or send an email to After you’ve requested tech support, one of our team will message you directly.

What’s your Code of Conduct?

You can read our Code of Conduct here. Please read this before attending the symposium.

How do I join the conversation on social media?

We’d love you to share your stories, thoughts photos with us on social media. You’ll find us on Twitter @ArtInvisibility. The event hashtag is: #ArtInvisibility20.